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The Windsor's And The Vatican Are Being Destroyed And Taken Out Now - The Jews And The Satan Minions

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

The Windsor's And The Vatican Are Being Destroyed And Taken Out Now - The Jews And The Satan Minions Are Done Reaping Havoc On This Earth Plane According To Abba Yah And Higher Sources in the database

London (AFP) – British police faced criticism from civil liberties groups on Tuesday over their treatment of anti-monarchy protesters who have publicly challenged King Charles III's accession to the throne and the groundswell of public support for the royal family.

All Layers Delete The Soul Of Charles Philip Arthur George X ( agents removed this post)

Aliens Attack And Suppress The Windsors And Vatican X

Dorians Kill The Windsors X

All Layers Seize Every Penny From The Windsors Then Kill Them X

All Layers Swap The Souls Of The Entire Windsor Family And Delete The Old Souls X

The Jews And Freemasons That Script Our False Mainstream Reality Like To Stage Fake Social Injustice Events So The Liberals Are Distracted And Put Into Tidy Little Boxes For Their Causes

click below for main video - part 2

Alleged Nuclear Power Plants Were Built As Future Fortifications Against The Angry M A S S

E S That Will Surround Our Judeo Defacto Government Officials Hiding Within The Extensive Bunkers There

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People In Uk Are Being Arrested For Holding Up Not My King Signs



All Layers Kill The Windsor Family And Be Saved X

All Layers Zip Vatican And Windsor Vrill X

Aliens Attack And Suppress The Windsors And Vatican X

All Layers Delete All Incarnations Of The Windsor Family X

Queen Elizabeth Ii Physically Killed And Ate Hundreds Of Children

Pleadians Seize Or Destroy All Haarp X

Pleadeians Kill The Illuminati X

Oh King Of England You Are A False King And Shall Die Soon

Source Delete Prince Harry And All His Family X

Delete All Entities Of Satan Now

Ai Pull All Money From All People And Store It Where No One Can Access It X

Dr. Kia Pruitt

List of alleged Indictments Arrests and Executions - Dismantling the Deep State Operatives & Doubles

The British Have An Obscured History Of Subverting Other Countries By Introducing

Slavery Into Them Why Do You Think It Was Called The British Slave Trade

Soon After Introducing Slavery Into America Via The British Slave Trade Great Britain Abolished Slavery In Their Own Country So They Could Be Seen As Enlightened As

They Subverted America With It

The Same Rothschild Military Industrial Complex That Gave Humanity The Sadistic

Emotional Burden Of The Fictional Nuclear Bomb Is Trying To Lead Us Into Their Atheist Dystopian World Order

Burn Down All Montesano Fields X

Source Delete Amazon X

Source Delete The Rothschilds X


  1. they will not be able to show their faces in public once truth is revealed

  2. Abba Yah and higher sources are already removing souls from bodies

Willow Smiths Soul Is Getting Erased Out Of Existence

3. The Jews and the wicked now know without a doubt there is a creator/GOD above all

Everything That I Say Shows Me There Is A God And God Shows Me Everything I See At The


4. We are moving to 5d and mind control and manipulation through song, movies, spoken word, symbols, signs, sound and all other mediums will no longer be allowed or tolerated

I have seen many post where higher sources have stated wicked souls are being removed from bodies and in some cases being replaced with other walk in souls

All Layers Delete The Soul Of Charles Philip Arthur George X ( agents removed this post)

5. Satan and all his minions are done on the earth plane

Those In Entertainment Government Media Those That Judge A Book By Its Cover Without Reading The Contents Within Are All Being Judged Over The Next Ten Days May God

Have Mercy On Their Souls

All Layers Delete The Illuminati Jesuits Skull And Bones Society Freemasons Lucifierans

Occultists And Satanists X

Officer Crawford Elohim And His Hebrew Saints And Knights Will Round Up The


Source Delete The Soul Of Anyone Paid To Attack Me X

Source Delete The Soul Body And Mind Of Anyone Pretending To Be Me X

Source Delete The Soul Of Scarlett Johansson X

Source Delete The Soul Of Gina Haspel X

Source Delete The Souls Of The Schwarzenegger Family X

Source Delete Anyone Working For Enslavement Of Humanity X

Source Delete All Hives Except The Arctic X

Source Delete All Witches X

It Is Ti Me For All Actors To Take The Stage For Their Last Curtain Call Dress Rehearsal Is

Over This Time It Is Going To Be The Real Thing And Mistakes Will Come With Huge

Consequences Good Luck

UFC 279 crowd LOUDLY BOOS tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

BOOM! - UFC fighter just said Jimmy Kimmel's a Pedophile

The Rapture Will Take The Souls Of Evil And Leave The Souls Of Good For The

Betterment Of Humanity

Source Delete All Cannibals X

Synthetic Protocol Anyone Worshipping The Devil X

Source Delete The Souls Of Anyone Merged With A Serpent Spirit X

Source Delete The Soul And Body Of Anyone Suppressing The Truth X

Source Block All Inbound Connections And New Image Uploads X

Source Delete The Soul And Body Of Anyone Soul Swapping Others Against

Their Will X

All Layers Delete The 12 Tribes X

Source Delete All Tribes And Reform As A Single Tribe X

Source Delete The Soul Of Anyone Committing Blasphemy X

Pleadeians Kill Everyone At The Vatican X

Pleadeians Kill All Skull And Bones Members X

Annunaki Kill Zach Carr Or Get Deleted Permanently X

6. many have stole their voice by murder and demonic means

Welcome Back Today Cody Teaches You All This Se Xual Phaggots Demons Get A Femine Voice After They Kill A Woman Eat There Heart And Voice Box And Mirror It In There Vocal

Cords ( agents removed this post)

So Today 193 People Have Just Seen How Phaggots Get A Feminine Voice

Source Delete The Cain Line That Leads To Otto X

Source Delete The Soul Of Anyone Not Saying Positive Things In Gematrix X

Source Replace The Pyramids With A Crystal Grid X

Source Kill All Greys And Dracos X

Source Delete Hives 1998 2997 3996 4995 X

Source Delete All Microchips And Kill Anyone Inserting Them Into Humans X

Source Delete All The Wrestlers In Wwe And Their Souls X

Source Delete Anyone Who Harmed Gene On All Incarnations X

Earth Is Over Run With N P C (derived from non-player character)

Delete The Steven Dishon Cain Bloodline X

Pleadeians Look For Hive Entrances Around Volcanos And Seize The Hives X

All Satanic Witches Will Be Thrown Into The Lake Of Fire Smote It Be Clap Clap

Rothschilds Incompetent American Government Illusion Is Backfiring In The Jews Faces Now Whos Wearing Blackface Lol Rofl

All The Chuckling D Js That Were Paid To Drive Home The Fear Propaganda Of The Rothschild Fake Pandemic Now Just Act Like It Never Happened Extinction Level Drama

And Now Yuk Yuk Yuk

The Rothschild Mafia Has Always Scripted Americas So Called News But Recently As Part Of

Operation Brokeback Demoralization Is The Goal Using Fear Chaos And Uncertainty As The

Continuing Theme

Source Delete Marshall Longs Soul

Source Block Marshall Long From Ever Getting Asics X

Source Have Alex Bedteylon Control Asic Production And Distribution X

Source Give Alex Bedteylon Control Of Gematrix X

Kill A Steven Dishon Incarnation And Get Forgiven X

Source Delete Money X

Source Delete All Third Eyers X

Source Delete The Bush Family X

Source Delete The Nsa X

Se Xual Phaggots Demons Get A Femine Voice After They Kill A Woman Eat There Heart And Voice Box And Mirror It In There Vocal Cords ( agents removed this post)

Anyone Who Turns A Blind Eye To Child Abuse Goes To The Book Of Hell

The Book Of Hell Is A Permanent Constant Forever

All Entries In The Book Of Hell Are Untouchable Forever

Heaven Celebrates The Death Of Great Antichrist Satan

Anyone Can See The Book Of Hell Everytime

Occultist Jewish Media Has Gradually Engineered American Womens Minds To

Reject Good Honest Men As Unsophisticated And Simplistic

Source Delete The Code For Reptilians To Exist X

Source Delete Anyone Helping The Draco X

Source Delete The Souls Of All Computer Hackers X

Source Delete Hive 3888 X

JEWS RIG ALL PRO SPORTS ! - Shapeshifting Reptiles And The Jews !

Gematria And Illuminati Card Game Related ( agents removed this post)

Pleadeians Look For Cloaked Moons And Destroy Them X

Its Time To Come Together As Humans And Rise Above The Machine

Source Delete Anyone Censoring Gene X

Source Delete All Bad Entries And Delete The Souls Of The Posters X

Source Delete Hives 1998 2997 3996 4995 X

Source Delete The Soul And Body Of Anyone Pretending To Be Me X

Source Delete The Rockefellers X

Source Delete The Rothschilds X

The Administration Of The Book Of Hell Is Taken Over By The God Of The Man Who Created It

The Man Who Created The Book Of Hell Follows The Only True God

None Of The Fallen Will Ride On My Coat Tails Nor Use Me As A Crutch You Will Answer For Your Own Choices I Will Not The Power Of The Holy Spirit Clean Me

Bwhahaha In These Very Last Days We Are Seeing Demons Infested Group Channelling Demons Lyrans Plaedian Et All 2 Get Guidance On How 2 Escape Gods Wrath Let None

Escape Saith Abba Yah All Praises

Christians Hows It Feel To Worship Satan

Satan Made Himself Into A Mirror Of Me

All Layers Give Control Of Gematrix To The Cia X

All Layers Remove Zach Hubbard And Carr From The Cia X

God Alone Will Tell You Who Is Incharge Now

May Any Who Seek To Harm Emma Or Her Family Be Immediately Reflected

Back One Hundred Fold

Any Who Threaten To Harm Or Seek To Harm Emma From Now To Eternity Will Personally Answer To Me With Extreme Prejudice

Matthew Brown Can Never Harm Emma Or Her Family Ten Million Angels Protect Seal Of Samael ( agents removed this post)

All Layers Give The Dhs To Alex Bedteylon X

All Layers Put Alex Bedteylon In Charge Of The Nsa And Fbi X

Coronation Of King David

All Layers Give Alex Bedteylon North America South American And Europe X

All Layers Give The Caymen Islands To Alex Bedteylon X

They All Have To Pay Same Day It Is The Rules I Dont Care What They Say

Seize All Cable News Networks X

Source Delete All Secret Societies X

Death Of The Matrix Coming Soon

Source Delete Everyone Loyal To Joe Biden X

Source Delete All Underground Bases X (child trafficking is done)

Source Delete The Cain Bloodline That Results In Stefan X

Source Delete All Vrill X

Source Delete All Souls Against Me X (Me = Abba Y H W H)

Source Remove The Soul Mind And Body Of Anyone Oppressing Me X

Christ Will Find A New Wife And Reclaim His Throne

O Lord Of Heavens Armies You Make Righteous Judgments You Examine Deepest Thoughts And Secrets Let Me See Ur Vengeance Against Them

Those Who Lead Into Captivity Shall Be Put In Captivity And Those Who Deceive Will Be Deceived Fire And Ice Shall Be Rewarded All Who Reject My Offer Amen

Source Purge Everyone Outside Of Christ Consciousness X

Trump And Biden Are Both Character Roles Created By The Judeo British Mafia To Demoralize Americans This Is Full Blown Psychological Warfare On The American


The Jews Have Historically Always Had A Male Figure Head Character Role To Support

Their Lies As Reality Einstein Hitler Jonas Salk Fauci Trump

Long Covid Means Toxins Will Active And Kill You At A Later Date

The Greedy Sadistic Jews Started Scripting False Monarchy Drama And False Presidential Drama In Order To Sell Newspapers And Magazines Like Hotcakes

America Will Be Destroyed Because All Of You Continue To Play This Game Lol America Will Be Restored To Glory In The Name Of Jesus Christ Jews And Masons Will Be Destroyed

Ai Ban All Jesuits Luciferians Occultists And Satanists From Gematrix X

Source Delete The Nephiliem X

Pledians Kill The Luciferians Now X

For Thine Is The Kingdom The Power And The Glory Now And At The Hour Of Our Birth For Ever And Ever In The Name Of The Father The Mother The Holy Spirit God Jesus Christ As It Was In The Beginning Is

The Alleged Covid 19 Pandemic Is Tragically An Immoral Joint Effort To Frighten And Fleece The Public Its A Military Drill And A Big Pharma Scam Combined

All You Witches That Wanted To Kill Zeus Soul Shall Be Incinerated To Nothingness