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Me And Almighty God Y H W H And Holy Spirit Did Open The Books And Seals (CODE CRACK)

Results by Jewish Gematria

Steven James Dishons Soul Now (james shepherd aka steven james dishon)

Aka Marylin Monroe Are Extremely Evil (james shepherd aka steven james dishon and CIA AGENT jamie abdullah)

Results by English and Simple Gematria

Jackssa (aka Zachery Carr)

Suffering Any Longer (this post most likely is from CIA AGENT jamie abdullah she and a few others did a satanic sacrifice on this woman who I know she was crucified on a cross along with a doppelganger clone of myself ... then the cia and usa government made a clone Shelayne Amber Greaves to conceal the murder ... this was all discovered via gematria with the help of course on Almighty GOD and the Holy Spirit)(the day is soon coming when the entire world will know these devils have done to me and humanity)

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