Me And Almighty God Y H W H And Holy Spirit Did Open The Books And Seals (CODE CRACK)

Me And Almighty God Y H W H And Holy Spirit Did Open The Books And Seals About 1 Year Ago Via Gematria (CODE CRACK)

Results by Jewish Gematria

The Water And Wine

Parable Was About The

Entry Into The Age Of Aquarius

My True Name Is A Mystery

And Not In Letters But

Evolving Frequencies That Sing

Timur Sardarov Is

Executive Chairman At

The Private Jet Company

Wicked Serpent Hosts Are

The Ones Claiming To Be

Holy And Righteous As

They Oppress Real Humans

And Call Them Sinners

And There Shall Be Loosed

From Their Foundations

The Four Great Winds The

Earth The Sea The

Mountains And The Hills

Shall Tremble Together

Continue To Censor Manu

Sayani Mulji Without

Repenting And You Die Its Real Simple

I Was Attacked By A Demon

Who Infested My Heart And

Wanted To Feminize Me

They Also Had A Few Small

Fish And Jesus Blessed

Them And Ordered That

These Be Set Before Them As Well

I Used To Be Envious Of

Others Then I Realized

Bein Happy For Them Us Way Better

We Reside In A Different

Facet Of The Omniverse To

You Yet We Are Still Connected

No Repentance Will Save

Steven James Dishons Soul Now (james shepherd aka steven james dishon)

Of Course My Numbers Are

Facts I Did Not Lie To

You When I Told You Who I Am

They Are Wicked People

And Invoke Serpents For

Power And Claim They Are Possessed

Remove The Suffering Of

The People In India And

For All Of Humanity Yhsyk Jwsk

Yes I Would Know Because

I Can See When Some One

Is Deluded Like You Are

Religion Wasnt Even

Invented Yet During

Jesuss Existence

Nation Of Gods And Earths

The One Is All And The

All Is One He Shall Rule

On Earth Adolf Hitlers

Spirit Shake Off The Boy

The Riddle Of The Sphinx

Hitler Couldnt Hold It

A Hypocrite Throws An

Opponent Under The Bus

When Breaking The Same Laws

Yeshua Ha Mashiach Mark

Alan King The Dark Knight

Rises Spreads Chinese

Fire Lord Phoenix Wings

Of Majestic Glory

Beast Was Mistranslated

In The Kjv Was Supposed

To Mean Creature

Protect Yourself From

Jewish Factitious

Disorder Question The

Political Reality

We Cant Change Who We Are

But Can Change What We


Nwo Is Destroyed Nwo Is

Destroyed Nwo Is Destroyed

James Shepherd Aka Steven

Dishon And Latyona Page

Aka Marylin Monroe Are Extremely Evil (james shepherd aka steven james dishon and CIA AGENT jamie abdullah)

All Presidential

Candidates Wont Tell You

That Nukes Are A Jewish Fairy Tale

Prophecy Alert Mark Alan

King Predicted This Would

Start Happening

Protesters Chant Ditch

Mitch Outside Mcconnell House

My Reality Is Broken But

My Judgement Remains See

The Many Layers Of The

Heart Of The Soul

All The Ones Who Want Me

Hurt Or Dead Should Be

Confined In A Mental Ward Or In Jail

Comes Back With The Words

And The Number Of The

Word Not A Sword

Reuters And Chabad Mafia

Worked With Feds To Stage

The Fake Charlottesville Events

Results by English and Simple Gematria

The Son Of Joannas The

Son Of Rhesa The Son Of

Zerubbabel The Son Of

Shealtiel The Son Of Neri

Pain Pain Pain Pain Pain

Pai Pain Pain Pain Pain

Pain Pain Pain Pain Pain

Pain Pain Pain Pain Pain

Pain Pain

The Royal Order Of

Jesters Are Going To Be

Incinerated For Their

Threats And I Am Not Jesting

Erik Alexander

Hofemeister Thinks He Is

Jesus Because He Is An

Ssa Like Jesus Riding The

Jackssa (aka Zachery Carr)

Enjoy Your Slaves Soon

They Wont Play Your Game

And The Slaves Will Be Masters

There Shall Come A Time

Of The Holy Couple Will

Judge And Cast The Child

Abuser To The Eternal Pit

I Drop Bombs Of Wisdom

But This Is Using

Intelligence The

Forbidden Fruit Paradox Anyone

As For The Fine Seed

These Are The Sons Of The

Kingdom But The Weeds Are

The Sons Of The Wicked One

Yes I Know Who She Is And

How She Is Slandering Me

Its The Reason Her Life

Is Going Down Hill

Emf You Change Your Minds

And Actions Like A Girl

On Her Period Chasing Her

Crush Whos Married

Kanye West The Life Of

Pablo Implants Forver All

The Same Inserts As Movie

Paul Forever

It Really Scares Me

Theyre So Aggressively

Suppressing Proof Of God

And The Matrix

I Am Willing To Bet Satan

And His Black Magic Was

Involved In My Mothers

Heart Attack Last Night

Strange But True The

Reason Why People Make

Slaves Of Other Humans Is They Are Lazy

Shelayne Amber Greaves I

Just Want Love So Badly I

Cannot Handle This