JEW ANTICHRIST TRUMP - compilation of shame and disgrace

Updated: Aug 25

Our Government Was Handed Over To The Anti Christ Rothschild Jews In 1913

Lock Stock And Barrel Its All Been A Pretend Constitutional Government Since Then To Keep Us Paying Taxes (post was removed by jew agents)

America Has Become An Astonishingly Oppressive Military Dictatorship That Is Now Conducting Full Blown Psychological Warfare On The Public All Media Is Locked Up

Against The 1st Amendment

When The Truth Is Finally Exposed We Need To Corner Every Evil Conspiratory Jew At The Same Exact Time For Arrest And Removal

Abraham Lincoln Is Not A Hero In American History As The Jewish Media Portrays Him He as The Rothschilds Lynchpin For Instigating Christian Civil War On U S Soil

He Alone Holds The Kee To Her Heart Given To Him By Father You Hear That Emerald Queen Big Daddy Will Be Home Soon

Those That Manufactured The Military Industrial Illusion Of A Covid Pandemic Are The Ones

Handing Out Free Food To Suffering Families Modern Day Pharisees Hypocrites May God Destroy You

Youre Going To Be Hunted Down Kidnapped And Tortured Jews And Im Going To Be The One Doing It Gematria Is The Proof George Soros Pure Evil (not me speaking)(Yah say vengeance is his)

One of the website supporters sent me this screen shot .... he was blocked for posting a comment supporting this website .... bitchute has now blacked me from posting comments .... all of this started happening we I started talking about trump is the antiChrist ...... THE TRUTH IS KILLING THESE JEW DEVILS !!


Seeing Who Has Been Our Oppressors And Our Deceivers Requires That You Understand The Atomic Bomb Hoax Was The Pact Created Between The U S Military And The Judeo

British Banking Mafia

They Stole Everything From Us To Condemn But Wait Till They See What They Caused

Too Many False Prophets In This World Thinking Their Someone They Are Not And Putting

Themselves Higher Than The Holy Father Which Is Right Here With Me By My Side Every Day

Usa Needs To Build Concentration Camps For Jewish Removal Once Conspiracy Is Exposed

New Law No More Jews Can Hold Office In America Or Have Jobs In Media 8 21 2022

The Momentum Is Rolling Towards Country 110 Jews Have Been Expelled 109 Times In Recorded History

Donald John Trump Is The ZIONIST Antichrist And The Jewish Media Script Is To Teardown And Stage Mock Prosecutions Of Trump Then Rise Him Back Up As If He Is Christ Risen In Victory

William Winston Wilson Christ To The Economic Forum Of The Elite Hows It Feel When Im Killing Everyone Of You Right Now Youre Not Going To Do Anything Mental Retards But Die And Go To Hell (not me speaking)(Yah say vengeance is his)

My Enemies Cry Then Die (not me speaking)(Yah say vengeance is his)

Many Alleged Nuclear Scientists Will Become Part Of The Eternal Hall Of Shame Along With The Lying Science Educators That Supported The Nuclear Bomb Myth

Just Think Of All The Hollyweird Movies Promoting Fake Nukes And Cheesy Sp A Ce Colonization And War

Jesus Is Not Just Religion He Is The Son Of God Sent As His Messenger He Spoke Truth And Didnt Back Down In The Face Of Arrogant Wealthy Jewish Supremacy

The F B I And C I A Have Been Stealing Our Money For Decades To Fight Fabricated Threats Acted Out And Shown To Us As News On The Talmudvision