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FBI reveals it uses CIA and NSA to spy on Americans

Fbi Reveals It Uses Cia And Nsa To Spy On Americans I Told Yall These Scumbags Were Doing This To Me And Humanity Dhs Is Also In On This Treason

The FBI revealed how the bureau uses the CIA and National Security Agency to probe the private lives of Americans without a warrant in its updated rulebook, which is the first version made public since the Obama administration.

The handbook, rewritten in 2021, confirms a decade-old leak showcasing the bureau’s collaboration with the CIA and NSA for FBI probes that may involve surveillance without court orders against people not accused of any crimes. Such probes are known as “assessments” at the FBI.

The revelations will fuel critics who have long accused the FBI of abusing its national security surveillance powers.

DHS is also in on this treason

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