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Above Top Secret Gematria News And Updates vol. 2 – Gematrix.Org is unique database connected to GOD

Above Top Secret Gematria News And Updates vol. 2 – Gematrix.Org is unique database connected to GOD and higher sources IN REAL TIME – OUR GOD YHWH IS A LIVING GOD !!

GOD has hidden many puzzles in plain sight to our entire earth plane within the gematria database


If You Want Truth You Have To Want To Work For Truth And Do Your Own Research This Is How You Get To Knowledge

THE BIGGEST CLUES TO GOD PUZZLE IS RIGHT HERE ! - GOD and higher sources have left many breadcrumbs to solve GOD puzzle

THE BIGGEST CLUES TO GOD PUZZLE IS RIGHT HERE ! - GOD and higher sources have left many breadcrumbs to solve GOD puzzle


Above Top Secret Gematria News And Updates Vol Two Gematrixorg Is Unique Database Connected To God God Has Hidden Many Puzzles In Plain Sight To Our Entire Earth Plane Within The Gematria Database

Results by Jewish Gematria

When The True God Saw

What They Did How They

Had Turned Back From

Their Evil Ways He

Reconsidered The Calamity

That He Said He Would

Bring On Them And He Did Not Bring It

Hey You Gnostics

Knowledge Will Never Get

You Into Heaven Only Gods

Will Will God Is Awake

And Paying Attention And

Your Arrogance Offends Him

If Judaism Is Satanism In

Disguise Then So Are

Christianity And Islam No

Wonder Theyre All So

Violent But What If The

Real God Showed Up And

Took The Place Of The

Stooge The Holy Spirit Amongst You

Trying To Play God

Through Fields Such As

Science And Quantum

Physics Does Not Escape

The Attention Of The One

Who Created The Universe

Everyone Must Give An

Account For Their Life

Before The Judgment

Getting The Public To

Believe The Military Myth

Of Nuclear Weapons Would

Never Have Been Possible

Without The Relentless

Indoctrination Of Our

Young People In Public Schools

Wonder Why Is Trump And

Cia Hiring Cia P R O S T

I T U T E S Cia Agent

Jamie Abdullah With Tax

Payer Funds Just Like In

Netflix Series Messiah

Show Cancelled For

Telling Too Much Truth

El Shelley Twin They The

Cia Replaced The Real

Shelley With A Clone

Investigate Latonya Page

She Admitted To This

Crime We Eat Gods For

Breakfast Cia Cover Up

What Does The Fbi Know

Its Kinda Funny How We

Can Just Kill Who We Dont

Want Bothering Us Just By

Creating A New Way For

Them To Die

Satan Your Wicked World

Is Being Shut Down And

Only A Complete Moron And

Fool Would Sell Out God

To Be Apart Of Your

Losing Disaster Of World

Going Up In Flames Now

Results by English and Simple Gematria

And That Light Power Came

Down Over Jesus And

Surrounded Him Entirely

While He Was Seated

Removed From His

Disciples And He Had

Shone Most Exceedingly

And There Was No Measure

For The Light Which Was

Not Even One Person Has

Been Willing To Stand Up

For Me Or Acknowledge Me

Out Of Seven And A

Quarter Billion People

There Is Not Even One The

Heavens Scream In Rage I

Stand For Jesus Christ The Plan O

Steven Dishon Is A

Sociopath That Brings

Misery To Those Who

Oppose His Father Satan

Through Black Magic

Reverse All Of The Most

Recent Black Magic

Performed On Me And

Others Release The Souls He Has

We Are Characters In A

Divine Play For Many

Reasons Even Our Basic

Mbti Personality Types

Divinely Revealed To Carl

Jung Which Number Sixteen

Have Between Them A Sort

Of Divine Broken Balance All Have

Last Civilization On

Earth Question Northern

California Texas Will

Become A Superpower

First Civilization In

United States Of America

Question Georgia Maine

Will Become A Superpower

Those That Are Wicked But

Have Hearts Which Are

Reformable Will Suddenly

See And Feel The Error Of

Thier Ways And The

Negative Impact On Even

Just Oneanothers State Of

Consciousness And State Of Being

My Right To Privacy Has

Been Violated And I Am An

American Citizen And In

Song They Taunt And Mock

Me With Information They

Obtained By Illegally

Observing Me In My

Private Life During

Privileged Conv

I Pray This In The Name

Of Our Father Our Lord

Jesus Christ And The Holy

Spirit Please Reach Back

In Time And Save Their

Souls My Lord Bring Them

To Their Knees And Open

Their Eyes Before Their Deaths

Angels Are The Messengers

Of God They Are Divine

Beings Who Carry Messages

Between The Creator And

His Creation These

Supernatural Beings Know

The Truth Of Us As Whole

Complete And Perfect And

Are Alw

Anyone Of You Who Think

You Are A High Level

Wizard Or Witch Have No

Idea What I Can Do For

You Are All Childs Play

And When I Am Given Word

You Will All Burn For

Your Attacks On Me For Im

The Most Hi

I Literally Am At War

With Millions Including

Mafia Biker Gangs Street

Gangs Billionaires And

They All Will Adhere To

The New Set Of

Reccomendations As To Not

Be Sought Out For These

Debilitating Crime

What Is I See A Lot Of

Salty People Trying To

Speak For Me And Im Gonna

Need You To Stop I Am

Free And I Am Extremely

Grateful And Happy You

Know What You Need To Do

As An Individual And If

You Do Not

Nothing In All Creation

Is Hidden From Gods Sight

Everything Is Uncovered

And Laid Bare Before The

Eyes Of Him To Whom We

Must Give Account

Cleansing Healing

Restoration Focus Purpose

Meaning Achieve

What Is The Gematria Of

The Word Of The Lord

Fingerprints Of God Study

And Investigate The Truth

Of This Reality We

Wrestle Not With Flesh

And Blood But Spiritual

Wickedness In High Places

They Who Give Word Of My

Father Had Made Profit

Out Of It Robbing Them

Making There Souls Poor I

Have Come Refill There

Spirit For They Are Poor

I Do Not Need Any

Payments All That I Ask

Is Have Faith

more clues to GODs puzzle are listed below - GOD has said to me stop doing others folks homework


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